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Friday, October 20th, 2006 at 10:10 pm
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The Morello Letters: Penpal to the Stars

Mr. Morello is described as a slightly confused, pear-shaped 45 year old Italian immigrant who has recently moved from Devon to London with his wife and three children. In attempting to make sense of the peculiar ways of the British, he corresponds with a number of institutions and individuals, who have little choice but to take him seriously and to respond courteously, feigning concern for Mrs. Morello’s bad feet and the goat’s diet, should they bring her with them when shopping in Harrod’s.

Only Mr. Morello could ask, in a letter to the Chairman of Arsenal Football Club “Excuse my ignorance (I am Italian) but are you the same club as Tottenham Hotspurs?”
A collection of spoof letters is not an original idea, while many of the topics in the contents certainly are (one hopes!) but Duncan McNair (the real culprit) provides a gently and amusing read which will make a perfect stocking filler at Christmas time.

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