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Meet Peter Wall, who has an unusual hobby. Peter collects brass embossed Colliery Lamp Checks or Tokens and Tallies, as they are sometimes called.

Peter Wall with his collection of colliery memorabilia

These are brass discs with the name of the colliery on them as well as the miner’s number. The miner would draw this check along with his lamp from the lamp room before going down the mine.
Peter is trying very hard to obtain some lamp checks from the collieries that once operated in this part of the country and is seeking your help.
“I have listed below the names of some of the collieries I am trying to obtain a Lamp check from,” he says. “I would very much like to hear from any one who once worked at and can remember these and other collieries working and any help they can give me in trying to obtain any lamp checks from them would be very much appreciated.”The collieries Peter is seeking information on are:
Woodend – Easton – Ardenrigg – Whitrigg – Riddochill – Loganlea – Cuthill – Greenrigg – Benhar – Hassockrigg – Calderhead – Baads – Polkemmet – Blairmuckhill.
If you can help, please contact Peter at

5 Cherry Grove
West Midlands
TEL 01384 376458

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