The View From the Whitburn Clock Tower

The View From the Whitburn Clock Tower

Night Watch
Ten past five an a’s weel
Mair or less
The optician’s windae’s smashed again
Bar that, no much daein

Big plans for the West End, Ah hear
Twa golf courses nae less
Ah’m no wan tae staun in the wey o progress
But that’s gaun ower the score

See we’ve got a new café at the corner
Aye, the Yelly Pepper
A bisto or somethin, they cry it
Bistro? Aw. Right. Ah wisnae faur aff

Work in Progress
Is that them houkin up the Cross again?
Help ma boab
If it’s no wan thing it’s anither

A wee lapse this mornin
Stopped at the hauf hoor
8.32 tae be exact
Auld age disnae come itsel

Public Announcement
Someb’dy’s birthday at the building society
Balloons a’ ower the place
Nae sich nonsense in ma young day
Nae building societies come tae that

Crisp bags
Tin cans
Thae wee plastic forks
Dinnae git me started

Men’s Fashions
Ye never see a bunnet thae days
Let alone a lum hat
An naeb’dy sheds their hair

Heavy Traffic
Whit a lorries go by noo
Fae a’ ower
Here’s yin
Whaur’s that Ah wonder

Reflective Mood
Ah’ve been here a lang time
Me an the auld schule baith
Hit’s up for sale?
Git away
Hope it’s no ma turn next
Ye never ken wi this Cooncil

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