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Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 at 12:18 pm
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Scotland in Bloom

A selection of books from Birlinn Limited, inspired by Scottish Gardens.

Seeds of Blood and Beauty Seeds of Blood and Beauty

Scottish Plant Explorers

by Ann Lindsay

Combining biography, history and horticulture, this book traces the lives of the great Scottish plant collectors of the 18th and 19th centuries, who left their quiet shores in search of exotic specimens, often encountering great danger on the way. These ‘Indiana Jones’ characters were more explorers than gardeners, surviving the harsh realities of far-flung places.

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The Scottish GardenerThe Scottish Gardener

by Suki Urquhart, with photographs by Ray Cox

A stunning celebration of the diversity of Scottish gardens and gardeners, past and present. The Scottish Gardener looks at herbalists, plant collectors, nurserymen, botanists, and gardeners’ gardens. It also offers an historical explanation of monastic, walled, royal, town and village gardens. Information is also given on visiting the gardens.

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Flora Celtica Flora Celtica

by Willem Milliken and Sam Bridgewater

Based on detailed research and information provided by the public, this book looks at the remarkable diversity of uses for native plants in Scotland. Clear, accessible and laced with illustrations, case studies and practical tips, this book is a beautiful gift and ideal to dip into for anyone who is passionate about natural history.

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Early Scottish Gardeners Early Scottish Gardeners and their Plants 1650-1750

by Forbes W. Robertson

This book, superbly illustrated from edinburgh’s Royal Botanic Garden’s collection, is a new kind of garden history, focusing not on design and horticulture but on the plants and those who grew them. It shows that the gardener’s skill flourished much earlier in the gardens of the gentry than was previously thought.

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Edinburgh New Towns Gardens Edinburgh New Town Gardens

Blessings as well as Beauties

by Connie Byron

This extensively and well-researched book is an invaluable companion to Edinburgh’s New Town gardens from a broad mix of perspectives, including gardening, town planning, social customs and the domestic architecture of one of Europe’s most celebrated cities.

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