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Thursday, August 17th, 2006 at 8:39 pm
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From Paella to Porridge – Peter Kerr

Fans of Peter Kerr will love this latest book from the versatile farmer turned author. It continues to tell the tale of Peter’s struggles to make good as a farmer in Mallorca but in it, Peter accepts the inevitability of change that is thrust on all farmers through Brussels.

Unable to make ends meet, the Kerr family return to East Lothian, where yet another enterprise begins, this time a deer farm. But that, too, is not to be and Peter and the long-suffering Ellie find themselves becoming property developers.

Throughout the troubles, Peter’s optimism is irrespressible and his ability to see the comical in the mundane means that the reader is laughing, rather than crying.

As nicely observed as ever and highly entertaining.

Summersdale Publishers Limited.

ISBN 1 84024 506 9

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Also available from 1 October 2006 as an audio cassette.

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