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Friday, June 30th, 2006 at 3:07 pm
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Storm Warning – The Origins of the Weather Forecast

Storm Warning – The Origins of the Weather Forecast
Pauline Hanford

They say the weather is the British public’s favourite topic of conversation, so this book should be a great success.
The storms that accompanied the beginning of the Crimean War stimulated Captain (later Admiral) Robert Fitzroy to form The British Meteorological Service – the first n the world. It gre partly from a need to protect sailors and soldiers from the ravages of strange and unpredictable weather.
In 2005, we saw the devastating effects of hurricanes in North America – how much greater loss of life might there have been without the ability to predict changes in the weather.
Despite its unglamorous presentation and heavy details, this book is worth persevering with. It is both entertaining and informative, with tales of myth, magic and modern technology.

Sutton Publishing
ISBN 0 7509 3247 3

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